Dean Rowbotham is an Asset Manager at Clear Capital LLC. In this role, he is responsible for business plan strategy and execution, capital improvements and financial performance reporting for the multistate portfolio. Mr. Rowbotham previously worked as an Analyst for Clear Capital, supporting due diligence, forming strategies for property operations and analysis of KPIs.

Before joining Clear Capital, Mr. Rowbotham gained experience in commercial real estate through private investment in a retail center. Before his real estate experience, Mr. Rowbotham served as a financial advisor. He managed assets for high-net-worth individuals and corporate retirement accounts. Mr. Rowbotham received his BA in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from Loyola University, Chicago. Currently, he is on track to graduate with his Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University in fall 2023.

Ms. Lillian Miles serves as an Asset Management at Clear Capital, LLC. Ms. Miles brings nearly 30 years of experience in residential real estate focused on multifamily investments and asset management. Ms. Miles is responsible for asset management for Clear Capital’s multifamily portfolio located in California.

Lillian joined Champion in 2019 as the Director of Asset Management. In this role, Lillian was responsible for creating value and optimizing results for the multifamily real estate portfolio, utilizing leasing, management, and capital improvement planning. Ms. Miles brings over 25 years of vast experience in all facets of property and asset management, including an extensive operations background.